Voiceover Book is Now Published – Kids Behind the Mic

Kids Behind the Mic: A Parent's Guide to Voiceover

Kids Behind the Mic is a comprehensive guide to kid voiceover and teen voiceover. Written by the Damsgard family at www.PlayTheVoice.com with a Foreword by Katie Leigh, the book also includes 21 interviews with long-time coaches, agents, engineers, casting directors, producers, and veteran parents of VO kids.

Children are wired for imagining and storytelling, but did you know that creativity could be earning them thousands toward their future? With a multitude of jobs from advertising to animation to talking toys to teaching tablets, there is an abounding need for children’s voices of all types.

Today, you don’t need to live in Los Angeles or New York to find kids’ voiceover work. However, it’s not an easy industry to break into and navigate clearly. And it takes much more than reading a script from the closet.

Bringing first-hand experience as professional child voice artists, this book guides parents through the craft, technology, and business of putting their kids behind the mic.


Interviews include:

  • Vanessa Marroquin/Marissa DuBois, Kids Coaches, VO Pros
  • Heidi Rew, Founder, Atlanta Voiceover Studio, VO Pro
  • Nicole Britton, Parent of VO Kids, VO Pro
  • Martha Kahn, Kids Coach, VO Pro
  • Jacky Davis, Director of UK Children’s Voice Agency, VO Pro
  • Jennifer Knight, Parent of VO Kids, VO Pro
  • George “The Tech” Whittam, Engineer, VOBS
  • John Brooks, Founder, ProCommVoices/VoiceJungle
  • Dan Friedman, Engineer, Sound4VO, VO Pro
  • Mary Lynn Wissner, Casting Director
  • Sandy Delonga, Kids Casting/Director, VO Pro
  • Mike Churchill, Executive Producer, Major Corporation
  • Natasha Marchewka, V123 Pros Co-Founder, VO Pro
  • Joe Davis, Founder, Voice Actor Websites
  • Kelley Buttrick, Marketing Expert, VO Pro
  • Tracy Lindley, LinkedIn Expert, VO Pro
  • Erik Sheppard, Talent Agent, Sheppard Agency
  • Alicia Beekman, LA Talent Agent, DDO Kids
  • J. Michael Collins, Conference & Demo Producer, VO Pro
  • Rob Sciglimpaglia, Jr., Entertainment Attorney, VO Pro
  • Heidi Capri, Parent of VO Kids